Where tradition
and technology
play together.

From the creators of Baby Einstein

You Know Us

A decade ago, Julie Clark had a simple idea - Mozart and Van Gogh for babies!

Now, the team that invented Baby Einstein magic is back for an encore, creating modern-day masterpieces for little eyes and ears... and even little hands.

We Know You

You're tech savvy, shop with your mobile device, socialize online, share digital media and care deeply about causes. You're a Millennial, and we're reimagining early childhood parenting for you!

Playthings for a New Generation

Baby Bytes is crafting an integrated, developmental system of digital and physical resources that will revolutionize the parenting experience for the mobile-tech generation. Our goal: happier babies and empowered parents.

Classical Toy Box

The New Video Classics

Who better than us to build all-new videos and music for mobile devices and for this generation of babies and toddlers?

Coming soon to mobile devices and smart TVs.

The Gift Of Sleep. It's Free!

Download Lullabytes, the world’s first, intelligent musical nightlight, and participate in our global sleep survey.

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As of November 30, 2014

Total lullabies played 2,931,348

Activations to soothe baby back to sleep 1,163,965

Countries where downloaded 188

Grow With Us

We’re building a community of engaged, caring parents who embrace the responsible use of media and technology in parenting.